Photography by Kimm Kiriako, Poetry by Michael Simon


Movement by Michael Simon

“The bees go toward the nectar.” – J. Krishnamurti

The bees go toward the nectar. The way
the young man’s hand goes toward his lover’s
pleading face. The way a tree goes toward

the sky’s rootlessness. The way a drone goes
toward its kill. But not the way a cloud
goes, which is not toward something, but is

simply movement without goal, without a
way to measure progress. Sometimes the bees
do not find what they seek, the way the hand

of the young man may not move toward the face
of his lover in the spirit of love,
the way the tree may be bent by the might

of another tree, and may curve as if
wounded. The way the drone may bypass its
target, and yet still kill. But not the way

the cloud moves, holy and heartless.